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Attachment List Gets hidden after Activating Right Inbox#55


The Attachments list that shows in the bottom is not visible. We are not able to confirm what is attached or delete them.

I believe this is because of the bottom bar on the compose window and I noticed it when we do a reply to an existing mail chain and not on popped out compose div that gmail supports. In the popped out version I have not seen this so far.
But this does not happen all the time. Even in the embedded version randomly I noticed the attachment is visible. But that is rare and I have not figured out what was the difference it this situation.

Not sure if its only for me or for others but it can get pretty frustrating sometimes especially when you want to delete an attachment and add new. I ended up having to discard the draft and open new.


  1. The number of Attachments don’t effect this
  2. I use Chorme for all Gmail Activity
  3. Behaviour was observed when attachment is added at the time and when attachment was part of the original mail chain we are replying to
  4. Don’t have any other plug ins
  5. Started once I started using Right Inbox
  6. Had tried another solution which also added the bar below the compose but that did not show this behavior


8 months ago