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Add Titan.Email to your Post#162

Hey there,

I came across a post on your website-

First off, thank you for providing the guide to building a professional email address along with its importance and giving some reliable email hosting providers.

Along with the listed service provider, can you update (What are the Alternatives to G Suite or Microsoft 365?) by adding Titan.Email with your readers?

Titan is a first of its kind new-age business email suite that helps you build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers. Its premium email service, designed as a cloud-based SaaS solution, is specifically for professionals and businesses looking to expand their online presence with a custom email address.

Titan is available from several web presence companies, including

( ), Hostinger( ) ( ) and HostGator ( .

You can read about Titan on our website ( Please find included some additional materials about Titan at the links below:

<Titan product video>

<Titan brochure>

Titan is also a top-rated product on popular review websites, G2Crowd and Capterra and moreover, Wordpress is one of their major investor.

Would you consider sharing this with your readers by adding it to your list of G suite Alternatives along with Zoho mail? I think your readers would find it more helpful.

a year ago